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Paana 100 Trail Bully

Setting the Standard

Complete reliability, robust technology. The perfect solution for even more than the most extreme conditions of Nordic terrain and climate. The Pistenbully Paana has been preparing cross-country ski trails for 25 years and is the clear market leader in Scandinavia. And now, the Pistenbully Paana is conquering cross-country ski trails all over the world.

The Multiple Talent

The Pistenbully 100 - it can do so much. It specializes in ski trail and winter path maintenence, drag lift and toboggan trails or tracks for snowmobiles.  It's ideal for the preparation of small downhill ski slopes and for off-road passenger carrying - and it's the perfect addition to a larger Pistenbully fleet.

Ahead of the Field

The Trail Bully has what it takes. The chassis is made of fine grain high strength steel developed for cold weather conditions. It features a long wheelbase with 5 axle independent suspension. Substantial torsion bar springs extending the range of suspension movement absorbing surface irregularities to provide a smooth ride. The front snow blade and push frame are very robust. A must for pushing hard or icy snow.

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