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    Hi Snow fans.  By now most of you are either gettting ready for opening day, or have already made some laps.  We have been busy at PEC.  New Employees, Summer Services, Trainings, Meetings, and alot more.  But now for the best part.  It's go time.   We have been out on the road putting Pistenbullys all over the map.   100's, 400's Pro Series Parkbullys, 600's  you name it,  it is out there.   The other day we threw the Go Pro up to get some footage of a delivery,  so you can see how it goes.   We use a great team of professionals to make sure we show up ready to impress.  Our goal is to always match the quality of our equipment with our service and support.   Check it out and get ready for many more.   Here's to deep pow, and of course, smooth alpineflex corduroy.   Until next time--


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