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  • Discover Park City - vehicle Maintenance

    Our Friends at PCMR host an internal film festival for all the departments to participate in.  we really enjoy seeing what the come up with.  check this one out from the vehicle maitenance team.   



    The NSAA held their winter trade show at Snowbird in January.  As part of the festivities, groomer operators particpated in the Phat Cat Challenge for a chance to win $1,000.  It's fun to watch, and the local news featured the story.


  • It's On

    Hi Snow fans.  By now most of you are either gettting ready for opening day, or have already made some laps.  We have been busy at PEC.  New Employees, Summer Services, Trainings, Meetings, and alot more.  But now for the best part.  It's go time.   We have been out on the road putting Pistenbullys all over the map.   100's, 400's Pro Series Parkbullys, 600's  you name it,  it is out there.   The other day we threw the Go Pro up to get some footage of a delivery,  so you can see how it goes.   We use a great team of professionals to make sure we show up ready to impress.  Our goal is to always match the quality of our equipment with our service and support.   Check it out and get ready for many more.   Here's to deep pow, and of course, smooth alpineflex corduroy.   Until next time--


  • Winching Park City

    Check out this video posted by jachinton1 on YouTube.

  • Summer at PEC

    Though our business revolves around the winter months, we manage to stay plenty busy in the summer months as well. It's mid-way through July and we are already anticipating a busy and productive fall. Here's a recap of our summer so far.

    We spent a few days in beautiful Sun Valley for the Intermountain Ski Area Association annual meeting. This is always a great chance to touch base with ski areas in our region and play in a fun golf tournament.

    June also saw the first of our summer service schools, this one for Alpine groomer service. We had two full days of information and demonstrations about taking care of PistenBully groomers. But it wasn't all work and no play. We took to the race track for a little friendly competition, go-cart style.

    The PistenBully 100 school has also wrapped up. We'd like to thank all those that attended and participated.

    Up ahead, we are looking forward to Utah's Pioneer Day. The office will be closed Monday, July 23rd and Tuesday, July 24th. Hooray Pioneers!

  • PistenBully Building Since the Beginning

    PistenBully was the innovator when terrain parks were first beginning and they continue to be the market leader. Each year PistenBully is a sponsor for Cutters Camp, where terrain park operators and builders come together to share ideas and learn from each other. PistenBully has always been there to make their jobs easier.

    Each year terrain parks become bigger and better, putting more and more demand on the machines and the operators building them. For this reason, PistenBully will release an new series of 400 ParkBully to meet the ever increasing demands. More on this to come!

    Pictures from the 2012 camp:

  • Service School Schedule for 2012

    Ready to begin the off-season maintenance on your PistenBully? Now is the time to get the up-to-date service information by attending our Service School. We'll be holding the following sessions:

    Alpine Groomer Service School (PistenBully 400, 600, 300, Edge): June 26 - 27

    Nordic/Snowmobile Groomer Service School (PistenBully 100): July 10

    Utility Service School (PistenBully Scout): August 7

    All sessions will be held at Peterson Equipment in Hyde Park. Tuition for the Alpine school will be $100 per person, and the Nordic and Utility schools will be $50 per person.

    Registration can be submitted online or by calling 435-752-5110. We hope to see you there!

  • Clearing Beartooth Highway

    A PistenBully truly is the multiple talent. Most often we see these vehicles preparing our favorite slopes with corduroy for skiing or riding. But you can also find this machine preparing the roads of southern Montana to receive tourists from all over the world.

    Photo courtesy of Montana DOT

    The Bearthooth Highway begins just south of Red Lodge, Montana and ends just east of Cooke City, Montana near the North East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. A 54 mile section of this road has received the National Scenic Byways "All American Road" status. Each year the road is closed to travel during the winter, then each spring brings the monumental task of clearing the snow and rocks to allow travel again. Check out these photos and follow the progress of the road clearing here. The road should be open for the season on May 25th.

    Photo courtesy of Montana DOT

    If you check out the Montana DOT channel on YouTube, there are several great videos showing the snow removal efforts from 2011. Check them out!

    Special thanks to Montana DOT for sharing!

  • Spring Special has Arrived

    The annual Pisten Bully parts sale has begun! There is not a better time to stock up on quality original parts for the summer service of your Pisten Bully. The Spring Special will run through May 31 and special terms and conditions do apply. Your Spring Special booklet should have arrived by now, so check out the great deals that are available on select parts. If you have any questions or are ready to place your order, contact our parts department at 435-752-5110.

  • PistenBully for Snowmobile Trail Grooming

    Snowmobile trail riding is much smoother and enjoyable with a well-groomed surface. West Yellowstone recently added another Pisten Bully to their grooming fleet to serve the many miles of trails that are maintained with the support of the State of Montana. To read more about the state grooming program and its funding, check out this article from the West Yellowstone News. The 600 featured in the article is the largest machine made by Pisten Bully and is the only one that we are aware of that is being used for snowmobile trail grooming. With its 6-cylinder Mercedes Benz engine, it provides 400 horsepower and 1,400 ft. lbs. of torque. It is rated to have a grooming output of 23.75 acres per hour, making it a super machine for this application. To learn more about the Pisten Bully 600, check out our website.

  • Great Divide Featured

    The Helena Independent Record recently featured an online article about Great Divide Ski Area and mountain manager JP Stanek. Great Divide is located just 22 miles from Helena. The area runs 3 Pisten Bullies, taking what can be challenging grooming conditions and making an excellent skiable surface. Here's a sample:

    Stanek says groomers need to understand the grooming pattern of the mountain, to know what’s stable, what the long-term goal is, where the danger zones are and where certain rocks or patches of earth are close to being exposed and need coverage. On various roads and cat tracks, the plow scrapes the uphill berm, which tends to sag into the skiing lane and capture blowing snow.

    With all the remote twists and turns on Great Divide, Stanek figures it takes a groomer two to three seasons to really know the mountain.

    The article provides another interesting perspective on the issues confronting experienced groomers. Check it out!

  • Winch It

    This is a shot from an early morning ride in the the Pisten Bully 400 Winch cat, taken during a demo at a nearby ski area. Later, there was quite a buzz in the lift line as the skiers and riders were excited about the grooming on runs that are normally to steep for a free groomer to tackle. And the skiing was great!

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