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PistenBully Turns 40

PistenBully Turns 40

PistenBully is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The Karl Kassbohrer Fahrzeugwerke debuted the first PistenBully in 1969 in Germany.

Within ten years, there were 2,000 vehicles in use in 35 countries. Today, PistenBully is all around the world with over 18,000 vehicles in 66 countries and Antarctica. The product line has expanded to include the very best in alpine snow grooming with the PistenBully 400 and the PistenBully 600. The recent addition of the Paana offers another excellent choice for Nordic grooming. Kassbohrer even produces a line of beach cleaners called Beach Tech.

PistenBully has maintained a thriving and successful company for forty years now. This is due to the company’s commitment to customer service and quality. PistenBully also strives to be a leader in technology and innovation. Here at Peterson Equipment Company, we appreciate the opportunity to work with a company with these ideals since we also work hard to ensure that our customers have the best in vehicles, service, and support. Congratulations to PistenBully.

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