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Great Divide Featured

Great Divide Featured

The Helena Independent Record recently featured an online article about Great Divide Ski Area and mountain manager JP Stanek. Great Divide is located just 22 miles from Helena. The area runs 3 Pisten Bullies, taking what can be challenging grooming conditions and making an excellent skiable surface. Here's a sample:

Stanek says groomers need to understand the grooming pattern of the mountain, to know what’s stable, what the long-term goal is, where the danger zones are and where certain rocks or patches of earth are close to being exposed and need coverage. On various roads and cat tracks, the plow scrapes the uphill berm, which tends to sag into the skiing lane and capture blowing snow.

With all the remote twists and turns on Great Divide, Stanek figures it takes a groomer two to three seasons to really know the mountain.

The article provides another interesting perspective on the issues confronting experienced groomers. Check it out!

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