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Clearing Beartooth Highway

Clearing Beartooth Highway

A PistenBully truly is the multiple talent. Most often we see these vehicles preparing our favorite slopes with corduroy for skiing or riding. But you can also find this machine preparing the roads of southern Montana to receive tourists from all over the world.

Photo courtesy of Montana DOT

The Bearthooth Highway begins just south of Red Lodge, Montana and ends just east of Cooke City, Montana near the North East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. A 54 mile section of this road has received the National Scenic Byways "All American Road" status. Each year the road is closed to travel during the winter, then each spring brings the monumental task of clearing the snow and rocks to allow travel again. Check out these photos and follow the progress of the road clearing here. The road should be open for the season on May 25th.

Photo courtesy of Montana DOT

If you check out the Montana DOT channel on YouTube, there are several great videos showing the snow removal efforts from 2011. Check them out!

Special thanks to Montana DOT for sharing!

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